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Christmas Peace of Mind

Christmas Tree Two days before Christmas and I decided to take off a couple of hours to finish my shopping. I walked through the mall in Annapolis looking for a few last gifts for the family. I was joined by many families shopping and children getting their pictures taken with Santa. I quickly finished my mission so I could get back to the office. As I walked out my thoughts were on the happy families. My concern as an estate planning attorney is that those parents had taken time to draw up a will and name guardians for the children. Had those grandparents made plans to provide for those children and grandchildren they were doting over should they not be there next Christmas? Now is the time to get your estate planning done. Ensure that somebody can make medical decisions for you in the event you end up in the Hospital and are able to talk to your doctor. You will need somebody to pay your bills if you cannot write checks or pay bills on-line. Finally, families need a plan to make sure all those children have the resources to be cheerful and carefree for the next Christmas.