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Precision Counts


The activities surrounding Service Academy football games often gather more interest than the game itself. Parachute team members guide themselves to mid-field after the jump master determines wind conditions for the ideal place and altitude to release the jumpers. The F-35s are up early and the four ship formation plans its speed and altitude for a flyover timed just before kickoff. The Cadet Wing lines for the March On in perfect step and formation. Finally, the football team follows its game plan and makes adjustments based on the adversity confronts the team. Fortunately for Air Force their plan put the game out of reach before Navy could come back to close the score to 28-14. The parallel to estate planning is attention to detail. The estate plan should address all the potential factors facing the family. The major goals of providing for the family and avoiding conflict rise to the top of the list. Passing on a farm, business, or retirement account is often high on the list of priorities. Finally, the plan must be adjusted as life takes different turns as health deteriorates, family dynamics change, or  new laws pass. Just like the activities surrounding the football game the odds of success increase greatly with precise planning.