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Do you have a written plan for your pets? If you don't and something happens to you, your pets can be KILLED, abandoned or sold.

PetWill is an organization that wants to make sure your pets have a voice in their own lives and are safe and loved no matter what happens. They give you 3 features in one product to protect your pet's life. A PetWill gives your pets legal protection. This is important because right now your pet's have little to no rights and are considered property under the law, like a chair or a hat!

PetWill documents each pet's care instructions, diet, medications, allergies and more on their own Online Profile. They send you a beautiful new Pet ID Tag linked to your pet's Online Profile. PetWill also helps your pets come home if they're lost.

It's really fast to get a PetWill (few minutes) and they ship the Pet ID Tag right to your door. There are no monthly or annual fees. Check it out for yourself at https://www.mypetwill.com.

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