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Boomers are leaving their legacy


I recently attended a reunion of my High School class in Alexandria, Minnesota. I posted this article to memorialize the contributions made by the class members. Many of my clients are “baby boomers” and have the opportunity to give back through estate plans that support their favorite activities, charities, and institutions. Here are my words to my classmates: Thanks for everyone's stories on life's path since High School graduation. It is inspiring and humbling to hear how much the members of our class have contributed their part in making this country the envy of the World. An incomplete list of what I heard that our class mates have done:

1. Raised children who are now contributing members of Society.

2. Cared for and honored parents as they aged.

3. Given back to schools, churches, community organizations through time commitments and financial support.

4. Raised crops and livestock, processed, distributed , and cooked food ensuring that we are fed.

5. Provided medical care as caregivers, doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

6. Worked in the computer revolution as we have moved from main frames that required “punch cards” to run simple programs to more powerful computers that we carry in our pockets.

7. Started and ran business that provided products and services in the community while generating jobs for workers.

8. Defended the country by serving in the military and organizations that support the military.

9. Maintained peace in the community by serving as law enforcement officers.

10. Worked in government jobs that provide infrastructure and services to citizens. Some members provided targeted services in support to those with special needs.

11. Teachers who have trained the next generation.

12. Musicians whose talent enhances the mission of the Church.

I have only listed dozen categories. I know there are many more ways of class has contributed to the common welfare. Living on the East Coast I am proud of my Midwest roots. We understand work ethic and caring for others. I apologize for all the achievements that I failed to include in my abbreviated list. I wish I had been able to talk to more of you. Everyone has a story about their experiences and walk. The video on the " Gone, but not forgotten" remind us how fleeting our moment on this planet is.

When meeting with clients I use the phrase “'Learn, Earn, and Return". Our class is entering "the Return" phase. Many of you are retired and many are working because of the opportunity to contribute through their position. I urge you to use the next five years to give back. I look forward to your stories of making a difference when the class meets again in 2022.

God Bless you all, Steve Berger