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Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning


Everyone needs a will, power of attorney, and an advance medical directive to ensure that you have covered the contingencies in front of you. In order to cover these bases, we take a comprehensive intake about your family, property and concerns. You will be asked to choose guardians for children under 18 and designate people to act on your behalf in the event of disability or death.

If you have been putting off estate planning, remember “now” is the time to start; we have a simple process that provides peace of mind. We can provide you with unbiased advice on the best options for your situation. Setup an appointment today and we’ll help you find peace of mind.

Additional services available to augment your estate plan:

  • Prenuptial Agreements: Especially appropriate in a second marriage where both parties want their property to eventually pass to their own children.

  • Deeds: As a part of trust planning, we often execute deeds into trusts and life estate deeds.

  • Titling: We can help with the necessary titling on your property when transferring to a trust.

  • Beneficiary designation: We can update your beneficiaries on your bank, investment and life insurance accounts to ensure they are in accordance with the same beneficiaries designated in your will.



Should you create a trust? We can help you with your decision. We’ll look at your particular circumstances including the size of your estate, where you own property, the age of your children, family members with special needs and retirement and life insurance assets.


Estate planning process & fees

Step 1: Book a consultation

We encourage you to get started by taking this first step. Our office will guide you through our process, creating the simplest, most effective plan that meets your needs both now and in the future.

The meeting cost is $150, which will be applied to your balance if you retain our firm. If you are married, both you and your spouse must attend the meeting.

Step 2: Information about you and your family

We’ll send you a series of forms that will give us a complete picture of you: your family, concerns and property.

Step 3: Initial consultation

At your estate planning consultation, we’ll work together to create on a plan based on your needs. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through how we’ll set up your will, power of attorney and advance directive. We’ll talk to you about whether or not we would recommend a trust for any special circumstances.

We’ll need a signed retainer agreement and a payment of half our estimate to move forward. Our costs typically range from $1,250-$2,000 for a will and $4000-$5,000 for a trust.

Step 4: Follow up

We’ll gather all the information on people close to you who will act as your representatives in the event you can’t act for yourself. We’ll also work with you to ensure your beneficiaries on your bank, investment and life insurance accounts are updated to reflect the choices in your will. We’ll send a summary of your documents for you to review before your signing appointment.

Step 5: Document signing appointment

At this appointment, you’ll review, sign and have notarized your will, power of attorney and advance directives.

Remainder of payment is due at this appointment.

Step 6: Pick up your documents at your convenience

We provide both a print and digital copy on thumb drive. Rest assured that we also filed it with the Register of Wills in Annapolis for safekeeping.

Additional follow up may be needed if you are executing a trust or modifying a deed.