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How much will it cost?

I get many calls on what the charges are for a will or trust. The answer is that it depends on the complexity of your situation. Everyone is different and every will and trust is crafted for your situation. However, if you fit into one of the following categories, your plan will qualify for a fixed fee will or trust which includes powers of attorney, deed review,  and advance medical directive with enrollment in Legal Directives.

  1. Parents with minor children - Will containing provisions for minor children
  2. Parents with minor children and substantial assets and/or life insurance - Will containing trusts for benefit of surviving spouse and children
  3. Parents with adult children and substantial assets - Revocable trust with bypass provisions
  4. Surviving spouse with minimal assets and house - Simple Will and Life Estate Deed

Here is a list of a few things that add to the complexity.

  1. Second marriage/children from previous relationships
  2. Assets over $1,000,000
  3. Large IRA accounts
  4. Minor Children
  5. Beneficiary with Special Needs
  6. Property in other states

As you can see there are many factors that determine the cost of a will and trust. I offer a free consultation if you complete an information form and send it to me before our meeting. You can also schedule an appointment to review your documents or discuss your specific estate planning questions on a fee per hour arrangement. The key to determining the value of an estate plan is how it benefits you and your heirs when your documents are needed. My goal is to provide value and peace of mind to my clients, not to match the lowest price for a will that you can find on the internet. Schedule an appointment today and overcome inaction which the low cost/no value option provided by the State for its benefit.