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Veterans Pension - Aid and Attendance

Many World War II and Korean War Veterans and their spouses are not aware that they are eligible for a pension to cover their medical costs. The Veteran must have served 90 days of active duty to include one day during a war period and received better than a dishonorable discharge. The Veteran or spouse must be certified as needing assistance with daily living activities. The Veteran's adjusted income after medical expenses must be less than the Pension amount. There are limits on assets held by the Veteran.  A house does not count against the limit on the Veteran's assets.  An attorney may counsel Veterans on the factors in qualifying for a Veterans' Pension. The counseling needs to include the possibility of increasing health costs.  A Medicaid application may be required to cover the cost of increased medical care.

Here are some general numbers. A Veteran and spouse own a home without a mortgage receive retirement and social security benefits of $3,000/month.  Their un-reimbursed medical expenses and in home health care are $2,000/month. They should qualify for an Aid and Attendance Pension which of approximately $2,000/month. The Veterans Administration must evaluate other assets that they hold. A qualified Veterans' attorney can advise them on their options in qualifying for the benefits and considerations in the event that one or both of them will need more expensive medical care.